don nunzio lemons - Canditfrucht
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I limoni di Don Nunzio

“I limoni di Don Nunzio” is an original Canditfrucht brand named in honor of our President and his great experience in citrus processing.. Obtained by squeezing the best Sicilian lemons is the only pure lemon juice 100% NFC without GMO nor allergens, free of SO2, dyes and added sugar.

It is sold in pouches, an innovative package that maintains the fragrance and organoleptic properties of the product, making it the only true substitute for fresh lemon.

Nutritional Informations (100g)

Energetic Value

8 Kcal / 33 Kj


1,8 g

Vitamin C

40 mg


0,0 g


0,0 g


0,3 g