Brand - Canditfrucht
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The Canditfrucht brand, an idea by Luigi Binaghi

Luigi (Gin) Binaghi was born in Como on October 1, 1890;he died on December 23, 1978.

He exhibited at the Milan Permanent Exhibition in 1917 and then in Turin (1928 Quadriennale), in Como, Bologna, Lecco and Santiago del Chile.
He received the Lissone First Prize in 1951.

A painter of international fame, he also distinguished himself for his sympathetically popular figure, which in the city and beyond, never went unnoticed.
Definitely original person, always ready to listen and give a hand to those who need it.

A true lover of the mountains and its landscapes, he made several mountaineering expeditions, of which two in the Andes, which profoundly influenced the themes of his paintings.

The 1958 expedition has remained in history: five climbers belonging to the CAI Section of Como (including a 68-year-old Binaghi!), reached and christened 11 peaks of the Yucay, the mountain of the Incas in Peru, which at the time were unclimbed and not even reported in the country’s maps.
The eleven peaks are located in the Urubamba Cordillera, north west of the city of Cuzco, where there are the largest peaks of the Yucay group, ranging between 5000 and 5650 meters: Binaghi made several works of these landscapes.

We are very proud of the fact that among the works of Binaghi there is also the study of the brand of Canditfrucht S.p.A.

Its colors are the colors of the fruit that we have always worked (red oranges and cherries, lemons and cedars) and the logo, a cherry, also represents the initial of the Canditfrucht.

This realization of Binaghi, in its simplicity and linearity is still maintained, after 50 years, a modern and current work: sign of a perfect and far-sighted artistic intuition.