Company - Canditfrucht
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Our Hystory

Canditfrucht was born in 1959 from a modest reality and has now reached a land area of 72,836.74 square meters, still in constant expansion.


Since then we have carried out many projects. The attention to every aspect of our business is constant and meticulous and every piece is fundamental: the modern and innovative production processes, the professional and friendly relationship with our customers and with the Community of Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto.


Nothing is excluded: the staff and the continuous search for cutting-edge machinery and solutions are among the main strengths of Canditfrucht.


Our mission is to progress in the quality and quantity of production, to improve product hygiene and safety, to limit consumption and to better manage waste in order to reduce the environmental impact of production.


We expanded production with the completion of the Brown extraction line, with the purchase of a new pasteurizer, refrigerated silos and Crusher.


The objectives are the production of high quality natural fresh juices, the constant research and the inclusion of new “green suppliers”, without forgetting the loyalty of customers that happens precisely with the satisfaction of their needs.

Company’s structure

Today Canditfrucht is a solid and established reality in the national and international market with 54 highly specialized and technically prepared employees, and in continuous professional updating.

Our particular pride is precisely the skill of the staff, thanks to which we are still able, in a purely industrialized world, to create products whose processing requires that special care and attention typical of the craft world.

The Canditfrucht plant is equipped with the most modern and efficient machinery for processing and preserving the product.

Thanks to them we are able to carry out a high quality annual processing of over 78,772,707 kg of citrus fruits.

In recent years we have made numerous improvements to infrastructure and plants with an increasing focus on environmental issues, adopting plants that use solar and sustainable energy.

From the construction of a shed for the canditura of whole fruits with French tanks, to an entire shed inaugurated in 2007, dedicated to the bottling for Private Label with the technology Soft Pouch.

Recently we have completed in Rodì Milici a large refrigerator of 28,000 cubic meters for the storage of our natural juice. The site is powered by the green energy produced by the photovoltaic panels 692 Watts and the refrigeration room reaches a temperature of -18°.

The most important actions carried out so far are:


Purchased land for waste storage

Installed 2 weeks. photovoltaic system

Purchased a packaging press for waste separation

Completed the dismantling of 1,250 square meters of asbestos encapsulated (hazardous waste)


Completed the remaking of the external squares

New changing rooms for staff

Installation of a surveillance camera system for the factory


Completed the shed for the storage of finished products


Installed Crusher plant


Completed the remaking of the canopies

Private Label bottling inaugurated with Soft Pouch technology


Installed the first photovoltaic system


Air conditioning room plant can 100 g candied fruit


Completed the renovation of the office building


Realized a new laboratory of chemical analysis

Purchased adjacent land for extension of factories

  1. Acquistati terreni per stoccaggio scarti di lavorazione

    Installato 2° impianto fotovoltaico

    Acquistata una pressa per imballi per la separazione dei rifiuti

    Ultimato lo smantellamento di 1.250 mq di amianto incapsulato (rifiuto pericoloso)

  2. Ultimato il rifacimento dei piazzali esterni

    Nuovi locali adibiti a spogliatoi per il personale

    Installato un sistema di telecamere per la sorveglianza dell’opificio

  3. Ultimato il capannone per lo stoccaggio di prodotti finiti

  4. Installato impianto crusher

  5. Ultimato il rifacimento delle tettoie

    Inaugurato imbottigliamento per Private Label con la tecnologia Soft Pouch

  6. Installato 1° impianto fotovoltaico

  7. Climatizzazione sala impianto scatolette 100 g di frutta candita

  8. Completata la ristrutturazione della palazzina uffici

  9. Realizzato un nuovo laboratorio di analisi chimiche

    Acquistati terreni adiacenti per ampliamento opifici