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Precious Sicilian

citrus fruits



Essential oils


Welcome to the heart of citrus Sicily!

Canditfrucht is one of the most modern citrus processing industries, constantly looking for excellence in product quality and full satisfaction of our customers.

For over fifty years, our goal is to achieve a final product that meets all the requirements of freshness and authenticity.

How do we do that? Our historicity provides us with valuable information and know-how and makes us aware that the market increasingly requires high quality raw materials and a constant search for the most innovative techniques in the process of processing the product.

The open and long-lasting relationship with our customers shows that we are able to provide a service more and more tailored to the needs of the customer.

Our strengths

We are on the market since 1959, with constant and meticulous attention to every aspect of our business.

Canditfrucht is a solid and established reality in the national and international market with 54 highly specialized and technically prepared employees, and in continuous professional updating.

From constant updating of staff to production processes, today modern and innovative thanks to the numerous improvements made over the years.

Protecting the environment is of paramount importance today. Our tendency is to adopt more and more plants that use solar energy and sustainable.

Leader in Juice and Fresh-Squeezed Juice Production

Canditfrucht deals with the packaging of citrus juices and fruit purees with a production cycle that extends from the preparation of blends to their packaging in PET or glass bottles.

Thanks to Ultra Clean filling at room temperature, the organoleptic properties of the products remain unaltered, resulting in beverages or juices with very little or no gas, often with a rather high pH, and particularly easy to digest.

This approach allows for the creation of formulas that cater to various consumer needs, treating beverages or juices with care and attention from raw materials to the finished product.

Environmental Impact

The Rodì Milici storage site exploits all the benefits of using solar and sustainable energy. The large 28,000 cubic meter refrigerated cell, capable of containing over 10 million liters of our precious natural juice, is powered by green energy produced by photovoltaic panels.

Thanks to the green energy produced by the 692 Watt photovoltaic panels, the refrigerated cell reaches a temperature of -18°C, ensuring the preservation of our products.


Mainly from the plain of Catania, Siracusa, Enna, Agrigento and Palermo.


Juices, candied fruit, essential oils, cells, segments.


The internal laboratories carry out all the analyzes necessary to guarantee compliance with Community Regulations.


We distribute our products throughout Italy and all over the world.



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